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enersys is a system develloper and supplier of innovative refrigeration equipment.
Our main activities are the Design, Development and Production of equipment and advanced processes-control for the refrigeration industry.
We focus our activities on commercial refrigeration-from supermarkets to restaurants, and industrial facilities as well as transport refrigeration.

Although cold store and refrigeration plant control is complex, it must not be complicated. enersys new approach to well known problems in refrigeration, with highly efficient equipment and simple operations, achieves considerable savings in energy, operating costs, maintenance and dramatically reduces perishable shrink.

Our products are complex but uncomplicated
Lowest possible Total Costs of Ownership, without compromising safety, quality, and efficiency, leads all our efforts in developing our equipment.
As a result, you will maximize your resources and increase your profitability.
We aim to ensure your economical success with our products which directly contribute to an improved competitive advantage for your company.



- Supermarkets
- Conveniences-stores
- Catering
- Hotels
- Restaurants
- Backeries
- Butcheries
- Agriculture
- Long-term food storage
- Food, beverage & dairy distribution
- Transportation


- Condensing Units
- Special Defrost Systems
- Compressor Rack Controllers
- Condenser Fan Controller
- Oil & Refrigerant Management Systems
- Control panels


enersys - energy efficient systems; Friedrich-Bergius-Str. 15c, 85662 Hohenbrunn - Germany,
Tel.: +49 (0) 8102 - 99791 90; FAX: +49 (0) 8102 - 99791 91; www.enersys-group.com; info@enersys-group.com

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